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 The Autumnal promenade.... begins~

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PostSubject: Re: The Autumnal promenade.... begins~   Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:46 pm

Listening carefully as Brielle talked, it almost didn't surprise him to hear that Brielle was living in the castle. Did the king adopt her? No, that couldn't be it. It hit Rodyn then, though. Brielle really was some sort princess, or something of the sort. He grinned slightly to himself for only a moment, amused at the irony of it all. He turned to face the king as he addressed her, quite okay with the fact that he was mostly ignoring him.

It was then, however, that the king started to leave the two of them, touching Rodyn on the shoulder, whispering something in his ear. He gulped in his throat, not entirely sure why. The way he said they'd be seeing more of each other, it was almost more of a premonition from the king rather than a warning or threat. He raised his right eyebrow as the king passed him, turning back to Brielle and sending her a smile.

"So, you do live at the castle? I knew there was something special about you. Still, to me, you don't seem any more than a young girl to me.. and I don't mean that as an insult at all."

He was going to continue to talk to Brielle, when the king suddenly made another announcement. Apparently, something about a fight? Rodyn wasn't sure he had heard correctly, but he did notice some of the sturdier men and women gathering near the king.

"I can't ignore something like this, Brielle. Sorry to cut our evening short. Maybe.. we can see each other some other time?"

Smiling at her, he took hold of her hand once more and kissed her knuckles, at the same time reaching behind his head to pull out his hair that was tied up in a ponytail. He made his way over to the king at the same time, turning around once more to wave goodbye to Brielle.

As he neared the exit, he noticed another girl who was completely alone, and also she seemed to look a bit cold. It might've been his imagination, but he made his way to her before leaving the area. He looked into her blue eyes for a moment, smiling at her.

"Excuse me miss, can you do me a favor? I'm headed out to help the king with some problem he has, can you watch my jacket for me? I'd hate to see it get dirty."

Instead of waiting for a reply, he placed his jacket around her shoulders, nodding at her before he ran out of the exit, to meet to king wherever he was at the moment.

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PostSubject: Re: The Autumnal promenade.... begins~   Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:49 pm

She sighed and was about to go but then a male came by her and asked if she could watch his jacket. ''Umm..sure.'' Karisa smiles as he exits out the door.
''Well...I have nothing better to do..but...this makes me feel like a coat hanger.'' She said to herself. Karisa walked to the stairs and sat down alone and her eyes turn back to purple. Her sigh went through deeply as her hair became lose and she looked down as she whispers a sad song that would be a perfect lauliby. Karisa brushed her silky beautiful hair down and her eyes shined with sadness. She putted the brush away and looked at the shineing lights and then finally she thought where she belonged. She didn't feel right being here and didn't feel right being in the forest...so if not there and not here, then where?

''Why...?'' She said slightly sad.

Karisa's eyes turned cold and were turning colder as her heart does to. Then a light touched her heart. She felt warm, warmness that she hasnt felt. IT was hope, hope that gives her the lightness. Without hope, Karisa wouldn't feel like liveing, it gives her life. No one knows about her and whom she is. Karisa held onto the jacket that the man told her to hold onto and she held onto it tighter. The man was the first man that has talked to her, as she remembers.
She sighed and looked at the ceiling as she waits.

She didn't feel like waiting so she brought the jacket with her and went in the hallway leaveing the ball room.


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PostSubject: Re: The Autumnal promenade.... begins~   Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:35 am

"So, you do live at the castle? I knew there was something special about you. Still, to me, you don't seem any more than a young girl to me.. and I don't mean that as an insult at all." He had told her, and Brielle smiled, shaking her head. She thought that he had figured it out ages ago by her verbal habits and her peaceful yet strict upbringing. It didn't matter though that he figured it out, at least they could remain friends.

"Yes, I do live at the castle. But I'm not at all that important, and it's all right. I am really just a girl." She said, humbly but meaning it all at the same time. Her eyes glanced at the King, wondering who he was talking to. And then she looked back at her father, nothing but an almost clear silhouette in the background. Her step-mother was astray from him, in a table centered just for her and her lady friends. She was being a chatter box no doubt. It didn't matter at the moment until an announcement that made her panic was being told.

""Everyone, please lend me your ears for a moment. I need every capable fighter to step up and follow me to the hall. There seems to be some sort of disaster wich is destroying the Harbor village called "Tola". I need some men to investigate and take care of any possible threats. I will explain the details in the hallway, so i would advice the strong among you to come with me" Who would be crazy enough to go to this? She saw some servants, commanded by her father rushing towards her. Without a moment to spare she was about to tell Rodyn to be careful if he was to exit. She then heard him say something which she didn't expect.

"I can't ignore something like this, Brielle. Sorry to cut our evening short. Maybe.. we can see each other some other time?" Of course he was going to try to be a hero. Brielle had a look of panic on her face, but the servants were next to her. She felt one take her hand as her father and her step mother were taking quick glances at each other. She sighed, as she looked at Rodyn who was just about to depart.

"Rodyn, do be careful. Okay?" She said, before exiting the ball room. She didn't know why she had to go back to her room. The monster, whatever it was, was somewhere far from them. Perhaps her parents were just worried. Whatever it was, her night was ruined as she was forced into her room.

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PostSubject: Re: The Autumnal promenade.... begins~   

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The Autumnal promenade.... begins~
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