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One Sky is a custom text based roleplay site, set in a world beyond our own. Technologically modern, though taking place in a more ancient to medieval setting - you join the world as a mortal. The site is player driven as well as plot driven, with the backstory being only a basis for your character to get involved in this new world, known as Aleha.
Below is a list of important links that all members should read. The title of the linked topic is posted, with the date the topic was last updated. Ammends to the structure of this site occur quite often, so be sure to frequently check for updates. ♥
» The Storyline - 05/11/10 «
» The Map - 06/15/10 «
» The Rules - 11/04/10 «
» The System - 11/04/10 «
» The Availability - 11/04/10 «
» The Multiples - 11/04/10 «

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 Rules and Regulations - [ Must Read ]

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations - [ Must Read ]   Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:40 am

. . .


- We at One Sky ask that all members please keep everything PG-13; no excessive swearing, nothing sexual, or extremely violent.

- Sexual content will absolutely not be tolerated. Do not post nude pictures of yourself, or any porn for that matter. Members are not permitted to have cyber sex over Private Messaging (PM) here, nor are you permitted to RP sex with your character. If someone breaks these rules, as a member, you are allowed, and should, PM an Admin about the matter. It will immediately be dealt with.

This is self-explanatory, but I will go into detail. Do not make topics about your own site, and do not PM members your advertisement, or anything about your site, unless they ask you to. Any sort of "illegal" advertisement is especially unacceptable, so please tell a Moderator or Admin if anyone breaks this rule.

- Do not spam. Multi-posting is a biggie. If you can fit all of the content you wish to post in one post, put it in one post. If the forum tells you the post is too large, then you are permitted to make another post. For any useless information you wish to post, please do so in the Spam section of the forum. It was created for the purpose of spamming, so spam to your heart's content, as long as it stays in that section.

- One Sky takes place in a fantasy world, known as Aleha. The language that will be spoken will be English. All cultures are allowed, but the majority of the members will most likely speak English, because this is an English forum. This website is an original piece of work, and was created by the Founder and Head Admin of One Sky. These rules are a trademark of the originality of this website. Search for the copyright below to only these rules. This site was made by Forumotion, so I do not claim any right to this website provider, only the rules that I have typed up belong to One Sky. No copyright over Forumotion is intended or presented. This site’s provider completely belongs to Forumotion.

- Lastly, and most important, treat your fellow members with respect. As this community grows, members will likely grow to like each other, and sometimes dislike each other. Many RPG communities are like families, so don't be surprised if everyone here becomes very close. However, if you do not get along with another member, we ask that you respect everyone else, and do not make your opposition of that member public. There is no need for useless insults, arguments, etc. We encourage getting to know other members, but if you have a problem with a certain member, or members, it's not our problem. While you are here, you will have to learn to tolerate those you dislike, and put your personal issues aside. We want everyone to get along.


- First and foremost, if you decided to create a Character here on One Sky, you should read The Story. Otherwise, you will likely be lost, and reading the custom storyline will give you an idea of the setting and plot, helping you create your custom Character.

- After reading our storyline, it is in your best interest to take a look a The System, as well as The Availability. This will provide you all the information you need to begin creating your Character within the guidelines of the site.

- When creating your character application, please follow the Character Template posted on this site. You are allowed to customize the template to your liking, or use a completely custom template of your own, as long as it provides the information that our template asks for. This allows your creativity, while keeping everything intact and organized on the site.

- Be original when creating your RP Character on this forum. We do not allow members to have taken original characters, and completely copy off of them. You may use their picture, for example, but do not claim their name. Those characters belong to their rightful creators, or owners.

- Please do not make multiple accounts. All Admins have access to your IP address, so all Admins will be able to see how many accounts you have created, and exactly which ones you created. The only exception to this rule is if you have a family member sharing a computer, the same IP address, or you are following the Multiple Character Rule. Then, you need to PM an Admin this information, before creating the account.

- If you are not a Moderator, do not post on character applications, unless given permission to do so by an Admin. This keeps the approval system organized, and prevents further spam.

- While making your character, if you decide to create a Familiar, you can only create a Familiar character based on this site's clans. For further information, read into The Races information posted on this site.

- In regards to what Elemental Affilation your Character may have, as well as the Elemental they might worship, please take a look at The Elements & Affiliated Gods.

- In the process of adding Specialties to your character, feel free to be creative. However, if you create a custom specialty, be prepared to give plenty of details and an explanation for the purpose of this specialty by following the Specialty Template. You might also want to look into the Technique Template, Equipment Template, Summon Template, and Pet Template.

- If you create a rather important Character in the RP World, such as a King, or relations, and you go inactive for weeks without leaving a note of absence or informing an Admin, you will likely be removed from the position and replaced. We need dependable Players for such positions, so the other Players don't suffer due to their neglect.


- You are not permitted to Role-Play (RP) until your character application is approved by a Moderator or Admin. If, and when, your character application is approved, you may RP with other approved characters. It is highly suggested that you RP in third person, and type out all your actions.

Ex: Anna walked into the room, taking a good look around.

When talking Out of Character (OOC), please use parentheses, or brackets. Anything OOC does not affect the Role-Playing Game (RPG).

Ex: ( Be back later, homework. )

Ex: [ Dinner, be back in a few. ]

When speaking In Character (IC), simply use quotation marks. We also highly suggest using colored text for when your Character speaks, to make their words stand out among the block of text.

Ex: Anna greeted the classroom. "Good morning, students."

When your character is thinking, or speaking to themselves mentally, use italics.

Ex: "I wonder what's for lunch today."

- It is understood that this is a fantasy RPG, and violence will have a major part. If, for whatever reason, a topic does become overly violent, please make sure to rate the topic "Mature". In this case, simply post the rating within the topic name, upon creation. If the topic was not originally intended to become violent, simply edit the first post of that topic to edit the topic title, or immediately PM a Moderator or Admin to do so.

Ex: Topic Name: Return for Revenge. [Mature]

- “Killing” other members' characters is allowed on this RPG site. However, you must have permission from the other member, or otherwise permission from an Admin. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however. If a topic is created upon agreement of all members within the topic that death may occur, then any character within that topic may be killed. To prevent misunderstanding of these topics, we ask that you label your topics accordingly. In other words, tell within your topic name what is allowed with minimal words.

For a topic that is open to anyone, and any action may apply, it is considered "Open".

Ex: Topic Name: Making New Friends. [Open]

If you would like a topic with a specific person, or people, and no one else, make it "Private", or label it with their usernames, or character names.

Ex: Topic Name: Important Meeting. [Private]

Ex: Topic Name: Important Meeting. [Sally and Nicole]

You can also make several variations to the labels of your title to make for more enjoyable RP.

Ex: Topic Name: Making New Friends. [Open, No Violence]

This simple system helps for more efficient RP with other members, while making everyone aware of the privacy, or publicity of that topic.

- Whether you are fighting another, or for just recreational purposes, please post any techniques used in a spoiler within the post said technique was used. You may also do this with equipment, pets, and summons as well.

- No Godmoding. For example, you cannot post that you are not affected by an attack that would clearly hit you, or kill you, for that matter. Another example is posting that you automatically land a hit, or kill on another's character. This is quite self-explanatory, but if you do godmod, your post will likely be deleted by a Moderator or Admin without further explanation. Do not argue with a Moderator or Admin, they have their given powers for a reason. However, if you do feel that a Moderator or Admin is abusing their powers, feel free to report it with hard evidence.

- No Metagaming. In other words, your character only knows what they have experienced in game, or what knowledge you have posted in your character application, such as their history and techniques. You are not permitted to alter your character's actions based on knowledge you have received from another player OOC. Your character cannot have knowledge of such things that do not yet exist in this RPG world. In other words, do not claim your character knows how to use a gun, when the RPG world has not yet come across the knowledge or creation of guns. I could go on, but I believe I have made my point. If you have any further questions about this rule, feel free to ask questions, and make suggestions.

- Here at One Sky, we do not have a word count minimum when it comes to posting when RPing. However, we highly encourage that you post more than a single sentence. You will not be punished for low quantity posts, but don't be surprised if less people will respond to your topic, or post. If someone does make smaller posts than you do, that still does not give you the right to insult them, or make fun of them. This site was made for members to enjoy, and is intended to be a laid back community.

- Although it has been stated above that you can make OCC comments in your posts, we ask that you refrain from making many at a time or making one every post. Try to keep OOC comments to a minimum. When you post a bunch of useless information, it becomes spam, which is against the rules.

- When RPing your character, it is expected that you act accordingly to their personality. A character that is described as cold, and mean in their character application would not act kindly or something to the affect, unless stated otherwise in the application. On the subject, avoid contradicting yourself. Just keep in mind that your character must act as described in your application.

- You are not permitted to use any equipment, techniques, creatures, etc. not within your character's application. This falls under Godmoding, and Metagaming, and is against the rules. When equipment, techniques, creatures, etc. are approved by a Moderator or Admin, they will update your application accordingly. If they would happen to forget, feel free to remind them. However, do not bug them persistently about the manner, and do not bug another Moderator or Admin, just because you believe the Moderator or Admin you asked before wasn't moving quickly enough to your liking.

- We highly encourage that when it comes to IC topics, that you limit your RPing to one topic. It is understood however, that topics can go inactive for awhile, people sometimes feel overly creative, and simply want to RP in multiple topics at once. Therefore, we will allow a Character to be in two RP topics at once, but no more than two. In order for this to work, your Character mustn't be involved in a topic that risks their Character's death, or you are simply limited to just that topic, no others. If there is not a chance that your Character may die, then as long as the two topics take place in two different times, you may RP in two topics at once. What we mean by this is one topic must take place before, and the other must take place in the present. In other words, you're looking at no more than a day in time difference. Regardless, this is the only exception made in order for you to RP in more than one topic at a time.


- Hacking simply will not be tolerated. It violates Internet Safety rules, and could either lead you to being fined, or arrested. If you hack the forum, make any threat to hack, or attempt to hack the forum, you will be banned.

- Bullying while Role-Playing will be accepted because this is a RPG forum, and things said in character do not count in OOC. However, if you cause a member to feel insecure, and they end up messaging an Admin, you will receive a warning. Bullying OOC is when someone disrespects another member outside of the RPG world of One Sky, and fights with someone for an unreasonable reason.

- Disrespecting a member, Administrator, or Moderator will definitely not be tolerated. If you post a comment, or send a disrespectful message to the members, or anyone on this site, you will either receive a warning, or be temporarily banned, depending on the offense. For example, making rude comments about the forum, making rumors about the members or staff of the site, stating the staff is doing a 'bad job' at maintaining the website, etc. The staff of this site have their own lives outside of this site, and cannot meet every single member’s needs.


DISCLAIMER: One Sky does not have ownership over Forumotion (the provider for this RPG site). These rules have been typed by me, for the betterment of this forum. These rules are written to protect the members, and will stand as a guide for the members of One Sky.
© All Rights Reserved.

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Rules and Regulations - [ Must Read ]
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