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One Sky is a custom text based roleplay site, set in a world beyond our own. Technologically modern, though taking place in a more ancient to medieval setting - you join the world as a mortal. The site is player driven as well as plot driven, with the backstory being only a basis for your character to get involved in this new world, known as Aleha.
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 Time and Technology

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PostSubject: Time and Technology   Thu Aug 19, 2010 5:41 pm

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The world of Aleha takes place in its own custom time. It's a fairly young planet, having only existed for nearly a thousand years, and only officially recorded by its inhabitants for a couple hundred years. Considering how quickly its inhabitants have adapted over time, it is considered a mature world, despite the lack of time in its existence. All Races are fairly intelligent, like us, and some are even more intelligent than others. And with intelligence rises that question of technology.

In this world, they have not harnessed electricity like we did. However, they have forms of Magic, something we don't have. So, consider Magic in this world a replacement for electricity, like that of our world. There are many different technologies, but I'll start with transportation. As of the moment, any means of traveling is either by foot, or boarding a ship. However, Elven and Human kind both are working together to develop more means of transportation. Their current project is studying flying machines. Now, to how this works. Like I said, they don't have electricity. So, most of their technology is operated manually, like in the old times. On the other hand, there are also improved forms that can be powered by simple Magic. Depending on how difficult it is to power such technology will effect how much Magic is used to do so. Technology that is powered by Magic is often labeled as MagiTech, and that is how I will label it as well.

Other than transportation, there are chores. Such as cooking, cleaning, and crafting. Cooking is done with Fire, obviously, whether it be made by simple means of friction, or once again, Magic. Cleaning is done by hand, but can also be done with the aid of Magic. And what a surprise, crafting is done by hand, or by the aid of Magic. In fact, clothing can be more midieval, while there is also clothing just like ours. Of course, they won't have designer clothing like Holister and such, but you get the jist of it. Style has no real limits here. Back on topic, like we use electricity, Alehans use Magic to help them make their lives much simpler. Therefore, they can acheive a similar life compared to ours. However, they still standby some older technologies.

For example, Alehans wear armor, carry sheilds, and weild swords. Not all of them, of course, but just as example. They do not have guns, and even if they were invented by some means, they'd probably be useless, considering their average attire, as stated in the latter. Regardless, as of their current time and technology, they do not have guns. And obviously, with that statement, they do not have nuclear or biological weapons as of yet. In their cities, there are buildings of stone and brick, nothing like our skyscrapers. These are just example to help you figure out just what type of technology this world does, and does not have.

What technology is discovered or maufactured in the world of Aleha solely depends on the RPG. Therefore, in order to further develop this world, you, the members will have to RP to help along the process.

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Time and Technology
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