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 The Races

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PostSubject: The Races   Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:35 pm

. . .


. . .

- Human -

Humans are the dominant race in Aleha, ranging from all sorts of shapes and sizes, and other appearances. Some Humans are adept with magic and affiliated with certain elements, travel around the world, or live peacefully within their homes, while others are employed in the army, under the strict order of their royal monarch. The only elemental affinity they posses are either of Land, Fire, Wind, Water, or Ice. For unknown reasons, Humans are not capable of harnessing the more powerful of elemental magic, the Light or Dark elements. They also have a lacking magical defense, unlike the Elves. Humans happen to be more fitting in suits of armor, mainly because they have the physique for combat, rather than the mind for magic arts. This isn't to say that Humans are not good with magic, but they are more fit for physical force, and their magic happens to be less powerful than that of the Elves.

The Human race is neither depicted evil or good, so are considered a neutral race, though they have no problem interfering with other races, and their possible struggles. Humans are on good terms with most Familiars. However, they aren't exactly accepted by the Elven, and the Fallen haven't exactly made known their intentions, and whether or not they consider the Human race an enemy. Their main focus are their experiments, the Shadow, and the mysterious Fallen, for they do not know much about them, and fear that they may team up with the Shadow in means to take down the Human empire. They keep their distance, but make sure all races within their vicinity obey the laws they have set within their empire.

. . .

- Half Breed -

Half Breeds are Half-Human and Half-Elven, sharing characteristics of both. In appearance, they resemble Humans entirely. If one parent was a Dark Elf, instead of receiving darker skin, the Half Breed will have a starch white skin tone. Eye and hair color completely depend on the parents'. Their physique is even more of a Human build. However, in potential, they have more Elven attributes. They can live to about the age of 200, more or less, and keep a young appearance. They also are more attune to Magic than Humans, but by far, not as amazing as the Elves. On the other hand, they do not have affiliations to Reserved Elements, like the Elven do.

. . .

- Elven -

Elves are a peaceful, nature-loving race who love beautiful things and often try themselves in the arts of drawing and music. They vary in size from 4'10" and 5'8". However, according to their delicate bodies they seem much taller than they really are. Often male and female Elves are hard to discern, at first glance. Both sexes usually have big, expressive eyes, in the most splendid colors. They wear their hair uncut and open, have graceful, fragile features and are of extraordinary beauty. Male Elves also don't have any beard growth. Very typical for Elves are their pointed ears, and high cheekbones. Elves can be either Light or Dark. The Light Elves have star-like eyes, a natural glow, and usually light-colored hair; the Dark Elves are pitch black and have sometimes fluorescent eyes, this quality being indicative of their dealing with black magic. The black or Dark Elves are also called "Drow". Beautiful, agile, proud, dexterous and extremely deadly, they are the Drow. Very few is known about them. Both are attractive, in appearance at least.

In comparison to Humans, the Elves are stronger in spirit and in limb, and have an exceptional constitution and endurance. When they grow older they seldom get weaker, instead they become wiser and even more fair. Elven senses, especially of hearing and sight, are much keener and intense than those of Human and are highly resistant to extremes of temperatures and also have several natural defenses against magical influences. The long life-spans of elves may be accounted to one of the main reasons that elves are very calm and patient in all their actions.

Even if some Elves are said to be immortal, Elves like all other races, die a natural death after long lives. The amount of years Elves live indeed varies enormously, ranging from 100 years to over 1,000. It is also known that very often Elves end their lives of their own will when they see a necessity to do so or if they think that their life's goal has been reached. Of course Elves may also die when they are wounded severely, but in general elves heal very fast when they are tended to quickly. Death on the other hand is nothing an Elf fears. The fact of death is interpreted by the Elves as a return to nature. Elves aren't afraid to live public lives with the other races, while Dark Elves usually prefer caves or seclusion. Elves usually lead quiet lives without interfering directly in other races activities and struggle for domination.

. . .

- Familiar -

A race of half Beast, half Human. They are called “Familiars” due to their similar appearance to that of Humans, but hold additional characteristics depicting them as Beasts. It is believed that Familiars were originally beasts, and when they died, they were given a second chance by Bahman, and brought back as half Human, half Beast with no memory of their past lives. Bahman is who they believed to be a God that watched over Beasts, and therefore is the main God they worship.

They consist of three current clans, each depicting their appearance and other characteristics. They are considered a neutral people, but rarely think of anyone but themselves. Due to the fact that they are half of two races, personalities vary and sometimes split, Most tend to be more selfish and primitive however, there are some who are of more caring nature, being more helpful and humane. Their intentions really depend on the society they grew up in, and how they were raised, like just about any other person. Familiars are accepted among just about any race, though there is sometimes friction between them and the Humans, and even Elven occasionally. They only get involved with a war or conflict if the dispute will have any great effect on them, but usually avoid unnecessary violence. This doesn't exactly mean they can't be violent, because they can have quite the dangerous tempers.

Wolf Fang

The Wolf Fang clan is the most common and well known of the Familiars, and happens to have a leader in each country they inhabit, which they refer to as their Alpha. The Alpha not only leads the Wolf Fang clan, but is looked up to and greatly considered by the other clans as well. It is rare to see one of the Wolf Fang alone, for they prefer the company of others, which may include those of other clans, and sometimes even another race. They are the most involved with the Humans, and are even welcomed by those of Royalty. This is because the Wolf Fang was the first of the Familiars, and has aided the Humans whenever they needed over the years.

Those of the clan have many characteristics of a wolf, and/or dog, or other canines. Physical appearance consists of their dog ears, which range from pointy to floppy, canine teeth, and sometimes a tail. It is a rare occurrence, but some even have fur and paws, almost looking completely Beast, with the exception that they can walk on their hind legs. Other characteristics are their keen sense of smell, slightly advanced speed and strength, and preference of meat.

Cat's Eye

The Cat's Eye clan is second to the Wolf Fang clan and just as well known within the Familiars. They are almost like 'nobles' of the Familiars, though the majority don't exactly get along with the Wolf Fang clan. However, they do not make their opposition public, and create the illusion that they respect the Wolf Fang clan. It isn't rare to see one of the Cat's Eye alone, for they prefer solitude, and mainly care for no one but themselves. They aren't as involved with the Humans, but don't necessarily despise them.

Those of the clan have many characteristics of felines. Physical appearance consists of their cat ears, which vary in structure, sharp teeth, claws, and sometimes a tail. It is a rare occurrence, but some even have fur and paws, almost looking completely Beast, with the exception that they can walk on their hind legs. Other characteristics are their keen sense of smell, slightly advanced sight, cleanliness, selfishness, acrobatics, agility, slightly advanced speed, and their preference of meat and fish.

Fowl Head

The Fowl Head clan is probably the least known and rarest of the Familiars, as well as the most distinct. They hold great wisdom, and are highly respected by even the Wolf Fang clan. They return the respect to their authority, and the majority gets along with the Wolf Fang clan. They focus around knowledge and tactics more than anything, making them perfect for planning out an attack. Therefore, the Wolf Fang clan goes to them before putting plans into action, and the Humans take into great consideration any suggestions they make. They are born hunters, and trackers. Due to their constant yearning to learn, they are the only adept with magic out of all the Familiars.

Those of the clan have a few characteristics of birds. Physical appearance consists of their feathered and untamed hair, which is usually short, and their wings. When they are young, their wings are usually small, and can easily be covered up, giving them closer appearance of a human. However, as they grow older, so do their wings, until they are eventually capable of even flying. Other characteristics are their keen eye sight, including night vision, aerodynamics, slightly advanced speed and agility, and their preference of meat, fish, and fruit.

. . .

- Shadow -

Currently classified - A mutated race; their original genetic makeup was that of a Human’s, but through advanced genetic experimentation, a mutation occurred and created this new race. Little is known about them, as many of the documentation pertaining to the experiments were lost when the phenomena stuck their world. Only few exist, as most were killed through inhumane testing in the labs they were once created, or through further experimentation to the point of degrading. Not to mention, the documents weren’t the only things destroyed during the phenomena that struck Aleha – many lives were lost…

. . .

- Fallen -

Unknown - They seem to share the same appearance as Humans, however…

. . .
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The Races
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