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One Sky is a custom text based roleplay site, set in a world beyond our own. Technologically modern, though taking place in a more ancient to medieval setting - you join the world as a mortal. The site is player driven as well as plot driven, with the backstory being only a basis for your character to get involved in this new world, known as Aleha.
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 One Sky - [ The Story ]

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PostSubject: One Sky - [ The Story ]   Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:55 pm

. . .


“All those wasted years, only for violence. And even in the final days, nothing ever did come from it. They said this new destruction was the will of the Gods, and would put an end to everything. They said, ‘This is peace, we're finally home.’ I never did completely understand their words. But, I wanted to believe them…”

. . .


From the moment the world was born, Aleha was a battleground, though silent. There had always been tension between Human and Elven, but though short, there was a time of peace in the beginning, if you could call it peace. Humans were intimidated by the Elves’ constantly progressing technology, and assumed in their fear that the Elven were plotting to rid of the Human race. Naturally selfish, the Humans wanted the Elves’ technology, to be the dominant race. Though they owned the Royal Empire of Kreine, and ruled most of Adilet at the time, they wanted to further their land. At the time, Elves inhabited the continent of Meika alongside the Humans, just south of Adilet.

The Humans began picking Elves off the streets every chance they could get their hands on, and brought them in for interrogation. What they didn’t know was the Elves were a peace-loving race, and didn’t yet share their technology with Humans in fear that it might bring more harm than good. Elves lived longer lives than Humans, and had learned much over the years, before Humans had ever appeared before them. From this grew their wisdom, and with such abundant knowledge came further technology. Humans had practiced monarchy and tactics of war for as long as they existed.

Naturally, the Elves were afraid for Aleha, their world and home. If they shared their technology with the Humans, they could very likely use the technology against the Elves for dominant purposes, harm the world by experimenting with these technologies to produce something more potent of their own, or worse, destroy the beautiful world they all shared. Despite the Elves approaching the Humans with these cautionary thoughts, it was soon revealed that regardless of their logic, Humans tended to be more irrational that originally thought, and now, more difficult to reason with. After years of Humans disrespectfully taking Elves as hostage for no purpose other than personal gain, and antagonizing Elven villages, some Elves began to strike back. After only a decade of coexistence, war broke out between Humans and Elves, bringing about more demise than they could imagine…


Elves, honing the will of nature, the elements, fought for peace of the world. Not only did the Elves have advanced technologies to make their lives more comfortable and proficient, but they had a natural gift known as Magic. Humans knew only brute force and purely physical tactics, therefore stuck to using swords, spears, bows, and other weapons of war. Their technology and knowledge may have been poor compared to the Elves, but they made up for their lack of wisdom with their numbers. Unfortunately for the Elves, the Humans outnumbered their race tenfold, and had continuously growing forces. As the Humans marched over Elven territory, and took over some of their technology, the Elves fled by ship, across the Nahla Sea to the eastern continent of Freyde, where they sought refuge. What they found there was another’s territory, a new race of what looked to be half breeds, sharing both beast and Human characteristics, but nothing like the Humans. They called themselves Familiars, and after hearing the Elves’ story, welcomed them to their new home.

This caused more Elves to join in the fight, and eventually managed to drag the limited, but amazing race of Familiars into the war. These Familiars joined forces with the Elves to fight for peace, and protect their land from the destructive Humans. With the Humans ruling all of Meika, and using newfound ships to explore what land they hoped to find beyond the Ladis Sea, to the north, the Humans were able to extend their reach to the northern continent of Wrynos, and just begin exploring the new land. With nothing but water separating the Humans and Elves now, the war took to the seas. All the while, the Humans began to start experiments on their own, in secrecy, with hopes to create a trump card to claim victory once and for all. What they finally created was monstrous, and untamed. Before they could finish their experiments, they had to lock the subjects away, in fear that they may turn on their creators.

As the war continued through the years, more and more Familiars began to give up on the fight for peace, and give into the Humans in hopes that they may salvage their land if they cooperated. Even then, the Elves refused to give up. But as the war drug on into many more years and the Elves began to tire of fighting, they questioned if this war would really bring about the peace they claimed to be fighting for from the beginning. They regretted resorting to violence, and as a last act for peace, tried to reason with the Humans, but to no avail...


The Humans continued to refuse to hear their pleas for an end to the war, and ordered them to fight them still. Just as the Elves were about to give up and save what they had left, a phenomena struck the world of Aleha, drawing all eyes to the center of destruction. This phenomenon consumed nearly one fifth of Aleha, digging the Ladis Sea even deeper, and bringing ruin to the northern continent of Wrynos. Many lives were lost, of all races, and of all ages. The experiments the Humans tried so desperately to conceal escaped their cells, as the laboratory in which they were created was brought to rubble. How they survived is unknown, and all the documentation of the progress of these experiments was lost in the devastation. Though there have been many claims of sightings of Shadows, as they were named, nothing has been proven fact, nor is it known for sure that the experiments even survived.

At the brink of what was thought to be victory to the Humans, all was lost. In the end, no one won, but everyone had lost. Whether they lost friends, family, or loved ones, or their lives in general; they had lost. Although this wasn’t the Elves’ idea of peace, it had forced the Humans into agreeing to coexist with the other races once again. Even if temporary, peace returned to the land. The Humans sent forces to the north into Wrynos again, but this time for the sole reason of reconstruction. All the work they put into making the country of Jyrgahl inhabitable was lost, so they had to start from scratch. Explorers were also sent to the west of the continent of Wrynos, discovering the Chatzel Mountains, and the strange country of Khlahan. All this new land attracted adventurers, and map makers. Not to mention all the stories already being told of the phenomena that struck the world.

The most popular story was that the destruction was caused by a meteor clashing with Aleha, and being pulled into orbit, causing it to crash. However, no one really knew what it was. Ships sailed to the spot in search to ease their curiosity, but found nothing more than pieces of technology and bodies, what was thought to be remains of the civilization that once lived on the coasts of Wrynos and Meika. However, to their surprise, few of those bodies were still living, barely hanging by a thread of their life.

These unknown people were brought in for immediate medical attention, though not many survived. After they regained health, most sought psychological relief by joining the church, believing they were spared to live in the peace of the new world. Others were given support in finding a new home, and starting their new lives. This was a fresh start for the Humans and a glimpse of hope for the Elves, the world was looking up now. Little did the people of Aleha know what fate had in store for them, and the real cause of the phenomena that changed their lives so dramatically…

Five years later...

. . .

“Now, I open my eyes to this new world, to see what they were trying to tell me. If it was those wasted years, all those lives lost that brought this peace, I wonder. If we all share one sky, does that mean we share the same destiny?”

. . .

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One Sky - [ The Story ]
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